Firewood & Logs

Specialists in sustainably sourced, kiln dried logs.

Dumpy Bags

Buy premium quality firewood dumpy bags of approximately 1m sq delivered to your door. Delivery is included in the price within a 20 mile radius of our depot in West Auckland.

Choose from hardwood, softwood, or a mixture of both.

Prices are here

Net Bags Delivery or Collect

Smaller bags of logs are available in portable net bags.

You can collect logs from our depot.  Details of how to find us are here.

Choose from hardwood or softwood in net bag size.

Prices are here.

Net Bag Kindling


Our kindling net bags ensure you will light your fire with ease.  Handy sized net bags of sticks are available for delivery when ordering a dumpy bag, or to collect from our depot.

Prices are here.


Kiln Dried logs

We supply premium quality logs perfect for wood-burners, chimineas, open fires and stoves.  Our prices are unbeatable and we deliver FREE in a 20 mile radius of our premises.

These are logs for optimum burning: kiln dried and moisture tested.

All of our large builder size dumpy bags are approximately 1m² and are full of kiln dried wood.

We are proud that our logs are from mixed species, well managed woodland throughout the UK.

Our logs will not spit, they remain in the kiln until they test at 20% or less using our certificated moisture tester.

Prices & Sizes

from 1 May 2021




Hardwood KD 9” or 12” or 16” Delivered £80.00
Hardwood KD 8” Delivered £85.00
Hardwood KD 9”or 12” or 16” Collected £75.00
Hardwood KD 8” Collected £80.00
Mixed KD 9” Delivered £70.00
Softwood KD 9” or 12” or 16” Delivered £55.00
Softwood KD 8” Delivered £65.00
Softwood KD 9” or 12” or 16” Collected £50.00
Hardwood nets   £6.00
Softwood nets   £5.00
Sticks nets



Delivery  up to 20 miles free



20miles –  25miles

25miles – 30miles



To order phone the office and pay by card.  Call 01388834100