How Do I Light My Log Burner?

How to light a fire quickly is a question we often get asked and there are no right or wrong answers.  It can depend on the type of fire, the draw of your chimney or flue and what fuel you are burning and lighting your fire with.

On a cold winters' evening it is really important to get a good blaze quickly; there is nothing more frustrating than lighting your fire and 10 minutes later it has gone out!  Using well seasoned logs which have been kiln dried until the moisture content has decreased to below 20% is a key factor in lighting and enjoying a successful fire.

The following video displays a good method for lighting your log burner or open fire.  

...as we said, it is not the ONLY method to light a fire...but it does illustrate one way and as long as you use quality logs from Graham's logs, you will  enjoy warming your feet in front of your fire quickly and for many hours ahead. 

How Should I Store My Logs?

Logs should be cut to approximately 25cm/10" and should be split in order to increase the surface area which can aid speed the drying process.  

Your logs should be under cover and off the ground. The sides of your log store should be open to ensure good air flow around the logs.

We will cut your logs to the required length. Simply let us know when you order them.

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