Hardwood Dumpy Bags

Hardwood Dumpy Bags

Our hardwood dumpy bags are packed with seasoned, kiln dried logs which will give you a long lasting fire. With hard wood logs your fire will require less attention allowing you to relax and enjoy the steady, constant heat.  

hardwood dumpy bags

Suitable for Log Burners

Hard wood logs are suitable for all types of fire, log burner, cookers, chimineas, braziers and multi-fuel stove.  Watch the video on tips to light the perfect fire.

Hard wood logs will burn for longer than a similarly sized soft wood log.  

Certified Moisture Tested

All of our large builder size dumpy bags are approximately 1m² and are full of seasoned, kiln dried, hard wood.  

We are proud that our logs are from mixed species, well managed woodland throughout the UK.

Our logs will not spit, they remain in the kiln until they test at 20% or less using our certificated moisture tester. 

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