Soft Wood Dumpy Bags

Create a Blazing Fire Quickly

Our dumpy bags of soft wood logs are suitable for all types of open fire, brazier and log burners. Check with the manufacturer of your log burner if in doubt. 

Soft wood logs will burn very hot with a good flame.  Your fire may require attention more often than a hard wood fire but, you will get a quick to light, fierce blaze. 


Dumpy Bags Soft Wood

Moisture Tested

All of our logs are sourced from sustainable, well managed woodland and are seasoned, kiln dried and moisture tested.  Our moisture testing device is certificated so our customers can rest assured that our logs give the optimum burning time and heat output.

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Graham's Logs

"Grahams Logs are best…
… best for open fires,
 best for log burners,
 best for chimineas & outdoor heating,
 best for biomass boilers,
and best for finest sawn hardwood!"
"No need to shiver when we deliver"

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